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Markets Served

ACIS serves a wide range of markets covering all commercial HVAC needs throughout the North Texas area. ACIS serves customers in various vertical markets including but not limited to the following.

Commercial / Office

ACIS delivers consistent results for every one of its commercial customers across North Texas. ACIS provides cost-effective time & material, maintenance contract and retrofit services to commercial properties ranging from small office building to multi-acre, campus-style facilities.


ACIS serves local school districts, colleges and major universities campuses. No matter what size school you are responsible for, ACIS has the knowledge, staff and desire to manage your HVAC systems.


Municipal, state and federal government facilities select ACIS as their provider for commercial HVAC service, maintenance and retrofit. On the GSA, TXMas and TIPS/TAPS, ACIS is dedicated to serving its government clients.


ACIS has a proven track record of providing essential HVAC service and maintenance to surgery centers, medical offices and hospitals. We have a history of taking over when other service companies cannot deliver.


ACIS is the chosen HVAC service provider for smaller local establishments as well as larger national chains. ACIS delivers the indoor air quality your clients desire and deserve. Just as hotel staff members are called upon 24 hours a day, ACIS is available anytime there is a need.


From manufacturing plants to food and beverage, ACIS understands the specific requirements of our industrial customers. ACIS’s team is equipped with the skills and experience to meet the needs of these specialized customers.

Sports / Assembly

A large assembly of over 100,000 screaming fans is not the time for environmental failures. That is one reason why local sporting venues and major assembly facilities rely on ACIS to provide high demand, uninterrupted controlled environments.

Technology / Telecom

ACIS has provided 24/7 critical environments for corporate server rooms to large data centers. ACIS understands the need for uninterrupted, controlled environments for customers with large investments in data centers.