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HVAC Services

HVAC Services

A core value of “taking care of our employees” has allowed us to grow our team of knowledgeable and dedicated service technicians. We all have a passion for this industry and it shows in our delivered product. Our motto: “Delivering solutions beyond repairs with passion and expertise”.

From large tonnage chillers to commercial unitary equipment our service department is second to none. Our technicians are always thinking outside the box for energy savings. We take ownership on all levels of service and always strive for the most efficient operation level of your equipment.

  • hvacserv1Over 500 combined years of commercial experience
  • Many of our technicians have been employed with the major manufacturers
  • Dedicated technicians available 24/7
  • Paperless system electronic work orders and inspection reports
  • A true team environment able to meet all of your HVAC requirements
  • Registered TAPS and TIPS vendor

We service the following:
All commercial chillers both water and air cooled from the following manufacturers.
Carrier, McQuay, Trane and York with factory trained technicians
Cooling towers and all pumps associated with chilled and condenser water.

  • Specialize in built-up DX applications.
  • Unitary equipment from large tonnage Intelipak down to 3 ton.
  • Air-side from Flakt, Joy and Woods fans down to VAV and fan powered boxes.
  • Boilers and hot water pumps
  • DDC and pneumatic controls
  • Excellent plumbing and electrical department to support our services

Our goal is to support your organization with the required services you need. Thus insuring you the longevity of equipment and energy savings operations you deserve. We know you have a choice and we hope you will choose us.