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Building Automation

Building Automation

ACIS provides Building Automation services across a wide variety of applications and industries. From standalone Package Unit controllers to VAV systems to large scale Chilled Water plants, ACIS has the expertise to automate any HVAC application.
As Buildings have become more and more connected the expectations upon Building Automation Systems has increased dramatically. ACIS delivers engineered solutions to integrate all a buildings various systems into a single, user friendly, platform.

Key Benefits:

  1. Increased comfort of occupied spaces
  2. Energy efficiency through better control
  3. Decreased “Hot/Cold” calls
  4. Centralized user interface for easy monitoring of building conditions
  5. Trend logs and alarming provide building engineers with better tools to troubleshoot and improve their facility

Key Capabilities:

  1. BAS system engineering to meet design needs
  2. Building Automation System (BAS) Installation and Maintenance
  3. Programming of Automation Sequences to optimize facility performance
  4. System Integration of various building equipment types
  5. Energy Monitoring through Electrical and BTU Meters
  6. Service and installation of various control system manufacturers across multiple protocols
  7. Customized Graphical User Interface to assists clients in monitoring facility